Google G Suite for Students


Google G Suite for Students

Develop a strategy to improve collaboration between faculty and students by sharing Google G Suite a common set of applications and services. Transition students to Google G Suite by July 2020.

SDSU Google G Suite for Students


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Develop technical and communications plan to simplify and unify communication and collaboration for students by providing them with access to Google G Suite (the same collaboration platform used by faculty and staff).

Goals / Deliverables

  • Determine an appropriate student domain/namespace that is specific to students e.g. [email protected]. Develop a plan for how the change would be implemented.
  • Review current support models for students,  faculty, and staff. Focus efforts on supporting a single cloud environment. Train the SDSU community on how to use a single shared collaboration platform reducing the instructional and support complexities.
  • Establish plans and processes for moving students from the O365 environment to Google G Suite.
  • Develop a strategy for eliminating the complex routing rules and delivery configurations between Gmail and Microsoft Office O365/Exchange.
  • Develop a communication plan that will prepare the SDSU community for this project.
  • Implement the transition of students to Google G Suite by 07/03/2020


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