Windows 7 - Automatic Setup via Aruba Onboard

Aruba Onboard and the “QuickConnect” client program is a system that automates much of the configuration for wireless devices. This is particularly helpful for Windows 7 devices as the steps necessary to configure a computer for eduroam secure Wi-Fi are particularly cumbersome. This general process can be used for devices of any operating system (Windows 7, 8 & 10, macOS, iOS, Android, Ubuntu), but for operating systems other than Windows 7 and 8 it is generally just as simple not to use this setup “wizard”.

  1. Connect to the SDSU_Wireless network as you normally would. We will use this network to access the Aruba Onboard configuration utility to setup secure access for future use.
  2. Open a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, or Safari) and enter the following URL:
    Register Your Device or
    Note that if this is your first time connecting to the SDSU network or you are connecting via a new device, you can click the “eduroam Secure Wireless” link on the page you are presented when registering your new device. This link will take you to the URL above so you do not have to enter it manually.
  3. Login using your SDSUid credentials. Make sure to include “” behind your unique username. Click the checkbox next to “I accept the terms of use” if you agree to and accept the SDSU Network Acceptable Use Policy.
  4. On the “Register Your Device” page, click the “Start QuickConnect” link.
  5. The ArubaQuickConnect.exe program will be downloaded to the default download location on your computer. Run this program (note: you will need Administrator level access to your PC to run this software).
  6. When the “User Account Control” dialogue box appears, select “Yes”. SDSU is currently not a Microsoft trusted software publisher so this warning appears
  7. The “QuickConnect by Aruba Networks, Inc.” software will launch. Click the “Next” button.
  8. You may be prompted to install certificates from USERTrust RSA Certification Authority and InCommon RSA Server CA. Click “Yes” to install these certificates. Do not install certificates from any other providers.
  9. Once the Wizard finished running click “Connect”. The QuickConnect client will switch your WiFi connection from the SDSU_Wireless network to the eduroam network.
  10. Your computer will now be connected to the eduroam secure WiFi network and will receive an IP address. Configuration is complete.
    Note: The QuickConnect setup wizard is designed to run only once on each computer (although running it more than once will not cause harm). Once you have successfully connected to eduroam, you are welcome to delete this piece of software from your computer.

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