Information Security

Announcement: Log4Shell Vulnerability discussed here.

Who is ITSO?

The SDSU IT Security Office (ITSO) is a unit within the IT Division. ITSO provides San Diego State University the resources to enable confidentiality, integrity, and availability of computing and information assets.

Security Operations and Services

Get Duo MFA and stay protected.
A web-based solution designed to help technology vendors provide secure remote support.
Domain Name System (DNS) converts domain names to IP addresses.

Protect Yourself

Social Engineering Risks

Personal Account Security Risks

Other Common Security Risks

IT Security Policies and Practices

Security Awareness

Report an Incident

For more details on these services, go to the SDSU Faculty/Staff ITUS Help Desk.

Access to the SDSU intranet requires an SDSUid. SDSUid is the campus identifier used to securely access new IT services. If you have not yet claimed your SDSUid, instructions can be found on the SDSUid Website.