Managing Devices

Managing Devices

After your first device has been enrolled, you may add more devices and manage existing devices.

  • To add/manage devices visit the Duo Enrollment Page.
  • For information on adding devices, visit the "Setup Duo for the First Time" guide.
  • For information about managing devices, visit Duo's Managing Your Devices guide.
  • Note: A new device cannot be added if you do not have access to any of your previously enrolled authentication devices. Please call ETS help desk at 619-594-0497.

Adding a New Device with the Same Number

Step 1: Add a new device by selecting Add another device button on your home page.

Add another device

Step 2: For example, add a landline

adding a landline

Step 3: Enter the phone number of the landline to be added.

Phone number of the new landline

Step 4: The new device should now appear in the home page.

New device in the homepage