Duo MFA for G Suite

Step 2: Enabling Duo MFA for G Suite

Step-by-step instructions are provided below about how to enroll your G Suite account into Duo MFA.

Duo Informational Videos are also available here.


Open a new browser window on the computer and go to the Duo Portal. Click the "Sign In" button to begin.

duo portal


Log in with your SDSUid credentials.

duo sign in


After logging in, you will be asked to choose an authentication method from the Duo Portal.

After choosing an authentication method, you will receive a Duo prompt on your device.

duo authenticate


If you installed the Duo Mobile app, click “Send Me A Push.” A Duo prompt will be received on your mobile device. Select “Approve” if you sent the Duo notification to your device. Select “Deny” if you did not send the Duo notification.

duo push


If you did not select "Send Me a Push," you can also select “Enter a Passcode,” which can be retrieved in two ways.

The first method to retrieve a passcode involves using the Duo Mobile app, which will generate a 6-digit passcode. Enter that passcode in the blank box and click “Log In.”

duo app

The second method used to retrieve a passcode is via SMS text message. Select “Enter a Passcode.” A blue banner will appear on the bottom of the Duo Portal screen. Click “Text Me New Codes.” A code will be sent to your mobile device via SMS text. Input the code in the blank box and click “Log In.”

duo text codes


Click the “Apps” tab on the top of the Duo Portal screen. To enable Duo for an application below, select the respective checkbox and press “Update.” If your G Suite account is not yet enrolled, a green banner will pop up with a notification saying that it may take at least 15 minutes for Duo to be enabled on your account.

duo enable g suite

Duo - Duo will be enabled G Suite in 15 min.


After successfully enabling for G Suite, you will receive a Duo prompt the next time you log into your SDSU email account. You're all set!

duo authenticate prompt

Your SDSU Google G Suite account is now protected with Duo MFA.

duo secure login


The next step is to generate bypass codes so you never get locked out of your account!

Please visit the "Step 3: Generate Bypass Codes" page for step-by-step instructions.

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