Security Operations and Services



The San Diego State University Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides security when connecting to unknown networks like airports, hotels or coffee shops, and remote access to specific University networks and systems (such as network drives or your work computer) so you can work remotely as if you’re on campus.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factory Authentication (MFA) protects against phishing, social engineering, and password brute force attacks and secures the login from attackers exploiting weak or stolen credentials. Without any access to the physical device, remote attacks can be rendered unsuccessful, with attackers unable to gain unauthorized access to the users accounts.


SecureLink is a web-based solution designed from the ground up to help technology vendors provide better, more secure remote support.

Domain Name Systems

Domain Name System (DNS) converts names (e.g. to IP addresses (e.g. that are used by networked devices to locate other networked devices across the Internet. The DNS Services component includes the following: design, configure, maintain, and administer enterprise-level DNS resolution services for all of SDSU.