SecureLink is a web-based solution designed from the ground up to help technology vendors provide better, more secure remote support.

Benefits of Using SecureLink

SecureLink provides the following benefits:

  • Provides powerful access to any TCP-based service, like RDP, SQL, HTTP, or even complex diagnostic clients.
  • Requires no software install on the part of the technician and no key fobs, tokens, or VPN clients to manage.
  • Allows enterprises to tie actions to individuals by enforcing individual credentials for software vendors in a way that is easy for vendors to manage.
  • Audits all access through the system, such as company name, case number, reason for connecting, ports accessed, when a host was connected to, and much more.
  • Provides a video recording of all desktop sharing and RDP activity.
  • Allows for a single method of remote access, greatly reducing infrastructure and increasing efficiency.

Getting Started

This guidance document is intended to serve as an introduction to SecureLink and give a quick overview of how to support customers using SecureLink remotely.

SecureLink Guidance Document

Request New Vendor Access 

To request a new vendor, please complete the New Vendor Access Request Form (need to login with your SDSU ID) and attach to a new ticket using ServiceNow (see below). **Note: Please make a copy of the Request Form on your machine as you will not be permitted to edit the template form.**

Getting Help

For any help with new vendor access requests, existing vendor access, adding new vendor representatives, etc. please submit a ticket through SDSU ServiceNow. When creating a ServiceNow ticket, be sure to select “Access/Security” under Category and select “IT-ITSO Help Desk” under “Assignment Group.” 

When requesting a new vendor, please attach the New Vendor Access Request Form to your ServiceNow ticket by selecting the paperclip icon located at the top of the ServiceNow ticket form.

Frequently Asked Questions

For these documents, users will first have to login in with their SDSUid.

For users unable to connect, please visit the Basic Troubleshooting document.
For questions related to connection drops or latency issues, please visit the Running Netalyzer Diagnostic Utility document.
To review log files from the remote user side, please visit the Vendor Log Files For Review document.
Your issues will also be logged in the Issue Log and Tips spreadsheet (need SDSUid Login).