Web Services and Infrastructure is a unit of Information Technology Division. We provide a number of services to support SDSU's web community.

Some of these services include:

  • Administration of the OU Campus (OUC) web content management system including supporting OU Campus account administrators through training and support, provide technical assistance to divisions without in-house OUC web support, resolve OUC template issues, manage (OUC-related) DNS requests, enhance and improve assets for content management system.
  • Manage web group membership.
  • Coordination of monthly meetings with SDSU Web Community group to collaborate on ideas, inform the community of web services,  share best practices, web governance and any other pertinent web related topics.
  • Provide/maintain OUC website resources.
  • Ensure OUC access is modified/removed and contacts are updated as positions transition.

All faculty and staff who maintain or edit SDSU websites are encouraged to join our Web Community Group and get familiar with Accessibility at SDSU. If you have any questions, open a support request through OU Campus Site Requests.