SDSUid is a new service this year and will simplify your digital life at SDSU. With so many campus on-line computer services and workstations/devices available to students, staff, and faculty there are many usernames and passwords one has to remember and manage. SDSUid is your single identifier to securely access new campus IT services and can eventually become your single identifier to access all IT services, workstations/devices, and labs at SDSU. Password management is self-service and recoverable through a variety of options, all selected and managed by you.

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Automated On-boarding Process:
SDSUid is designed to automatically provision SDSUid accounts. Faculty/Staff affiliations are provisioned through the on-boarding process that starts with HR.  Students are provisioned once they are accepted and express intent to attend. Once keyed in by HR or entered into the enrollment system, the account information is synchronized to SDSUid. An email from will be sent to your personal email address ​with a temporary activation code and instructions.  The two options detailed below are intended for existing affiliations that have been on campus prior to 08/01/2016.​


If you have not activated your SDSUid account, instructions can be found at:
Faculty/Staff Activation Instructions
Student Activation Instructions

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Assistance is also available at 619-594-7343 during normal University working hours!