Manage My SDSUid

  • To change your SDSUid password in Office 365 click here: Change Password
    • To change your account/password recovery options (Security questions, phone number, email address, etc): go to SDSUid user profile management and select Register for Password Reset.
    • To recover your SDSUid password: go to and type in your SDSUid account e.g. If using the old sign-in experience, click the link "can't access your account?" If using the new sign-in experience,  click the link "Forgot my password".  You will be presented with your recovery security options. 


When you have reset/change your SDSUid account password you must reconfigure you eduroam wifi connection or you will not be able to connect to eduroam.  

To reconfigure eduroam wifi you will first need to remove/forget eduroam network on your laptop or device. While on campus you will need to:

Go to the Settings application on your device:

Open the Wi-Fi option

  1. Select eduroam and choose "forget network"
  2. You can now re-connect to eduroam as you have previously
  3. eduroam should promt you for you SDSUid and new password
  4. eduroam will then prompt you for your SDSUid and new password


Activate Your SDSUid Account

If you are a faculty/staff member and have not claimed your SDSUid account, instructions can be found at:
 Faculty/Staff Activation Instruction

Videos on how to activate and manage your SDSUid can be found at:
How Faculty/Staff can claim their SDSUid
How you can can change your SDSUid password and security settings

Need help with SDSUid?  /
Assistance is also available at 619-594-7343 during normal University working hours!