About IT

Information Technology Division staff and members of the OneIT Community celebrating the return to campus on April 4, 2022 outside of Scripps Cottage.

The mission of the Information Technology Division is to develop the long-term infrastructure, services, and strategy necessary to support the University’s mission of learning, discovery, and engagement. The IT Division has the stewardship responsibility for core IT assets on campus and the obligation to provide the services, training, and community building necessary to realize the benefits of those investments across the San Diego State University community.

Organizational Chart

Information Technology Division Leadership Organizational Structure

Jerry Sheehan, Vice President & Chief Information Officer

  • Networking & P3 Partnerships
    Dr. Kumar Narayanan, Senior Director
  • User Services and Support
    Dr. Kirk Campbell, AVP IT Service and Support
    • User Services
      Chris Clements, Director
      Ed Legaspi, Associate Director
    • College IT
      Matt Brown, Graduate and Research Division
      Mark Figueroa, Library
      Adrian Gonzalez, Imperial Valley
      Gregg Koyamatsu, College of Education
      Brian Lenz, College of Health and Human Services
      Chris Leong, College of Sciences
      Greg Martin, College of Arts and Letters
      William Nguyen, College of Engineering
      John Owens, College of Business
      Kevin Perez, Professional Studies and Fine Arts
  • Research & Cyberinfrastructure
    Mike Farley, Chief Technology Research Officer
  • IT Security Office
    Ricardo Fitipaldi, Chief Information Security Officer
  • Data Architecture/DevOps
    Vacant, Chief Data Architect
  • IT Resource Management (Shared)
    Amanda Wilson, Director
  • IT Finance & Administration
    Amanda Wilson, Director
  • Web Services & Infrastructure
    Mark Figueroa, Interim Director
  • Learning Environments, Technologies & User Services
    Dr. James Frazee, Deputy Chief Information Officer, Senior Associate Vice President
    • Instructional Technology Services
      Dr. Sean Hauze, Director
      Aurora Velasco, Associate Director
    • User Services
      Chris Clements, Director
      Ed Legaspi, Interim Associate Director
    • Academic Technology Research & Strategic Initiatives
      Dr. Maureen Guarcello, Lead
    • Accessibility
      Rahim Baker, Lead
  • IT Network & Infrastructure
    Kent McKelvey, Director
    • IT Infrastructure Operations
      Tom Voss, Operations Manager
  • ERP Systems
    Cyndie Winrow, Associate Vice President
    • my.SDSU Functional Support and Analysis
      Kristina Moller, Senior Director
    • my.SDSU Operations
      Vacant, Director
    • Workflow and Imaging
      Sue Reyes, Manager
    • Integrations
      Kyle Farace, Director
    • ERP Security and Financials
      Jill Oelze, Manager

High Level Organizational Chart


Data Architecture and DevOps

Data Architecture and DevOps (ITDA) is responsible for the campus data lake and data warehouse environments, supporting critical campus departments and stakeholders in the exchange, analysis and reporting of campus data. In addition, the team supports development efforts for custom applications and API integrations, including the campus identity management system.

Information Technology Finance and Administration

The purpose of the Information Technology Finance and Administration (ITFA) area is to support the IT Division’s mission by supporting all business functions. ITFA manages IT finances, liaises with Human Resources, manages IT resources and provides administrative support to all Leadership, Staff and Student Workers. In addition, ITFA provides executive assistant support to the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and other areas of the Office of the CIO.

Information Technology Security Office

Information Technology Security Office (ITSO) is responsible for coordinating efforts and providing services to protect SDSU information assets. ITSO is committed to engaging the SDSU community to establish an appropriate information security governance structure and security controls that enable collaboration and support for the University's strategic plan.

Learning Environments, Technologies & User Services

A unit within the IT Division, Learning Environments, Technologies & User Services (LETUS) provides vision and leadership to support excellence in teaching and learning through active learning environments, pedagogical research, and user-centered technologies. Partnerships with faculty, academic leaders, and campus stakeholders, as well as regional, national and international higher education, and industry partners, enable innovation and documentation of results focusing on improving student success. LETUS enhances and facilitates the campus IT user experience through four main areas: Academic Technology Research & Strategic Initiatives; the Accessible Technology Initiative; Instructional Technology Services; and Information Technology User Services.

Academic Technology Research & Strategic Initiatives

Academic Technology Research & Strategic Initiatives connects current and emergent campus needs and solutions with research and evaluation designed to make data-informed implementation and optimization decisions. Current long and short-term projects and pilots include: immersive (virtual and augmented reality) learning applications and research, learning analytics automation, virtual classroom AV controls (via natural language processing), and data-informed virtual and face-to-face learning environment design.


As part of SDSU’s ongoing commitment to providing a diverse and supportive academic and work environment, the ATI (Accessible Technology Initiative) team works to ensure that individuals with disabilities have equal access to and the opportunity to participate in campus programs, activities, and services. The “Accessibility Hub” provides the university with leadership, support, and evaluation in the areas of accessible and universally designed instructional materials, accessible websites, and procurement practices that prioritize accessibility. The Accessibility Hub consists of an ATI Coordinator, an Instructional Materials Design Specialist, an Accessible Technology Web Specialist, and both a Faculty and Student Fellow.

Instructional Technology Services

Instructional Technology Services (ITS), a department under Learning Environments, Technologies & User Services, provides support and leadership to the university in the effective uses of technologies to enhance teaching and learning, to create effective learning environments, and to facilitate research and strategic initiatives. ITS has a diverse team of experts ready to support and enhance learning in and outside of the classroom.

IT User Services

IT User Services (ITUS) is responsible for the operation and technical support of the Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, SDSUid, ServiceNow, campus email, software licensing and distribution, application support and development, Single Sign On (Azure) application integrations, electronic document signing, wireless troubleshooting, and desktop support.

Enterprise Information Systems

The mission of Enterprise Information Systems (EIS) is to provide vision, leadership, strategies and services in support of the success of students, faculty, staff and administration; and contributes to the overall strategic objectives of the university and the Information Technology Division. EIS provides stewardship over a complex technology infrastructure of systems and databases critical to the university's mission and operation, including student information, financial aid, finance, and human resources.

Administrative Information Systems

Administrative Information Systems (AIS) is responsible for management, support, and stewardship of the University's Human Capital Management, Finance, and Financial Aid administrative systems as well as enterprise document imaging and workflow. AIS provides technical management and oversight, applications analysis and development, database administration, and system administration.

Student Information Systems (my.SDSU)

Student Information Systems (SIS) provides stewardship over an innovative suite of systems and tools in support of the academic mission of the university, including student admissions, enrollment, registration, and student records. SIS provides resources and services to ensure the collection, storage, management and accessibility of student information is accurate and timely to help facilitate the success of students, faculty, staff and administration.

Networking and P3 Partnerships

Networking and Public-Private Partnerships (P3) has strategic responsibility for working collaboratively with private-sector vendors, internal stakeholders, and staff technologists to help define the long-term technical communications roadmap for San Diego State University.

Networks and Infrastructure

IT Network Infrastructure

IT Network Infrastructure (ITNI) is responsible for providing network infrastructure to support the university’s IT needs. ITNI supports the campus networks and Internet access, including all wired and wireless networking. ITNI provides campus telephone service for faculty and staff, including voice mail, call centers, and other voice services. ITNI installs and supports campus fiber and copper cable infrastructure for all campus buildings. ITNI supports these services on the main campus, residence halls, Imperial Valley (Brawley and Calexico), and off-site Research Foundation buildings.

IT Infrastructure Operations

IT Infrastructure Operations (ITIO) is responsible for the university’s cloud infrastructure, data center infrastructure, virtualization infrastructure, backup infrastructure, server systems administration, and Active Directory infrastructure.

Research & Cyberinfrastructure

Research & Cyberinfrastructure responsibilities include collaborating with other leaders in the IT Division to provide strategic services and solutions in support of research activities. In addition, Research & Cyberinfrastructure provides leadership in support of IT Division initiatives while serving as a liaison for the IT groups in Academic Affairs.

Web Services & Infrastructure

Web Services & Infrastructure (WSI) is responsible for the planning, development, implementation, and management of Web Services for San Diego State University. This unit plays a key role in serving as an institutional leader in the planning, implementation, and ongoing improvement of web communications systems and processes developed by Web & Digital Communications.