Services supporting the institution’s research activities, including specialized storage and computation, high-performance computing (HPC), visualization, and lab-management systems.

Services for applications that could include plotting, scientific visualization, modeling, rendering, animation, graphics programming, and image manipulation.

Computational Science Research Center (CSRC)

Promotes development and advancement of the interdisciplinary subject of computational science. This is accomplished by fostering research, developing educational programs, and promoting industrial interaction, outreach, and partnership activities.  The center facilitates the interaction between applied mathematics, computer science, and the sciences by providing the necessary infrastructure for productive research efforts. 

Services to record and track lab experiments, equipment, and specimens.

Management Information System (MIS)

SDSU professor Aaron Elkins manages this computer lab with high-speed networking and servers for student learning and instruction.

Computing and storage resources and services to support research that has specialized or highly intensive computation, storage, bandwidth, or graphics requirements.

SDSU has a high-speed network that is dedicated to research computing. The research network has a 100Gig backbone and 100Gig connection to the CENIC High Performance Research network, and digital California network. The research network also has direct 10Gig connectivity with San Diego Supercomputer Center and Calit2 at UCSD.

Graphics, visualization, and virtual-reality facilities and services in support of research application areas such as biomedical engineering, chemistry, space weather modeling, computational fluid dynamics, archeology, and fine arts.

Virtual Immersive Teaching and Learning (VITaL)

Offering a variety of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality tools in a flexible learning environment, the VITaL space serves as an incubator to enable experiences that would be impossible or out of reach in a traditional learning environment.