OneIT Community


The OneIT Community introduces a transformative approach to managing information technology (IT) efforts at San Diego State University. This new model emphasizes a collaborative network, recognizing the valuable contributions and interconnectedness of IT tasks throughout the University. This collaborative focus led to structural adjustments and ultimately established the University's IT Division.

Development of the OneIT Community

The creation of OneIT Community is driven by purpose, mission, and values.

SDSU OneIT Pyramid - Purpose, Mission, Values
OnelT Community Purpose Statement:

OnelT provides the technology that empowers SDSU's success

OnelT Community Mission:

OnelT leverages people and technology to support SDSU's commitment to innovative teaching, research, and service. As we transform campus, we engage our diverse community in advancing infrastructure and services that enable the success of our students, faculty, and staff.

OnelT Community Shared Values:

  • Service: We're here to help.
  • Collaboration: OneIT works better together.
  • Respect: Champion diversity and embrace inclusivity.
  • Integrity: Where trust, transparency, and accountability thrive.
  • Innovation: Create solutions driving positive change and growth.
  • Professionalism: Embody OneIT values with excellence.

Guiding Principles of the OneIT Community

OneIT’s focus is to build from the current IT work being conducted on campus that is serving the needs of students, faculty, and staff. The goal of OneIT is to find synergies to enable the improvement of SDSU’s IT infrastructure and services. 

The model necessitates "agility”. The implementation will aggressively embrace evaluation and will use this input to make course corrections when necessary.

The model recognizes the critical importance of the work being done in the colleges and academic units to support instruction, research, and operations. That local identity and the network of relationships are the foundation for having more strategic conversations about the value that IT can bring to the institution.

The model is based on a financial assumption that it is critical for SDSU to maximize existing investments in order to achieve the IT work that is needed. The model does not anticipate a significant increase in IT staff, making successful collaboration and sharing of resources critical.

The model embraces the need to innovate to develop new approaches to create solutions for gaps in current information technology infrastructure and services. 

Pillars of the OneIT Community

There are four pillars of the OneIT community that align with SDSU’s strategic priorities.

  1. Each college/academic unit will have a OneIT Community Lead.
  2. A new IT Information Exchange will be developed to facilitate weekly information sharing on major IT initiatives and projects.
  3. A new leadership role will support operational and intellectual engagement with academic IT personnel.
  4. We will establish meetings between academic leadership and the IT Division to help improve strategic coordination about long-term faculty instructional, research, and outreach needs.