icon of flowchart connecting user, data, cloud, and computers

We offer comprehensive services including analytics, finance, HR, document imaging and more to streamline campus operations.

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We provide the tools and training to help students and faculty leverage AI in education and research creatively and responsibly.

icon of communication nodes

Enhance your communication and collaboration with email, video conferencing, phones, website hosting, and media production.

icon of mobile, laptop and desktop computers

We provide essential daily services like network access, file storage, backup solutions, virtual desktops, computer labs, and printing.

icon of computer screen with a padlock and secure password

Our infrastructure ensures security, data integrity, and compliance through virus protection, encryption, risk management, identity solutions, and access control systems.

icon of servers and cloud

Our enterprise-level infrastructure offers robust support for institutional activities, including data centers, wireless networks, storage, backup, and systems management.

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We offer IT training, consulting, business continuity planning, enterprise architecture, project management, and IT service management, both customer and non-customer-facing.

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We support researchers with storage, computation, high-performance computing, lab management, and visualization services.

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Transform teaching and learning with our cutting-edge educational tools and expert instructional services.