IT Division FY19/20 Activities Banner Graphic

Information Technology Division FY19-20 Activities

Each year the Information Technology Division embarks on several core activities that align to three major objectives:

  • Create an IT Community
  • Improve IT Infrastructure and Services
  • Data-Informed Discovery and Performance

These objectives serve to meet the Information Technology Division's core goal:

Goal: Create an IT Community to Improve IT Infrastructure and Services for Students, Faculty, and Staff.

Create an IT Community

Establish an IT Ambassador Program



Improve IT Infrastructure and Services

Migration to PeopleSoft Campus Solutions

Improve Cybersecurity Reporting, Infrastructure, and Training

Launch and Support Campus-wide Digital Accessibility Program

Deploy ServiceNow IT Service Management System

Migrate Students to Google G Suite
Create Easy-to-Use Physical and Virtual Learning Environments


Data-Informed Discovery and Performance

Pilot Data Architecture for Analysis, Reporting, and Governance

Understand Existing Cyberinfrastructure and Establish a Strategy for Research

Participate in Educause Core Data Survey and ECAR Students and Technology Research Survey and the Faculty Technology Research Survey