Transform IT Projects

silhouettes of people in front of Hepner Hall

IT Division Transformative IT Projects

Each year the Information Technology Division embarks on several core projects that align to several objectives:

  • Create an IT Community
  • Support SDSU Student Learning
  • Improve IT Infrastructure and Services
  • Aiding Research and Discovery
  • Data-Informed Discovery and Performance

These objectives allow the Information Technology Division to support the Mission of SDSU as well as the Strategic Plan. 

Create Easy-to-Use Physical Learning Environments

Leverage State-of-the-Art Learning Management System (LMS) Technologies

Deploy Adobe Creative Cloud Plan


Launch and Support Campus-wide Digital Accessibility Program

Deploy Digarc Online Catalog and Curriculum Management Systems

Deploy Cloud-Based Endpoint Security and Device Management to Enhance Security

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) enhances security by adding a layer of protection to the authentication process.

Migration to PeopleSoft Campus Solutions

Deploy ServiceNow IT Service Management System

Deploy new page templates in Omni CMS (OU Campus)

Provide campus students, faculty and staff and a high performing, reliable wireless network.


Provide SDSU Researchers Located at Remote Locations with Overarching Network and IT Support


Pilot Data Architecture for Analysis, Reporting, and Governance