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The Adobe AzTech Alliance (A3) initiative promotes the use of Creative Cloud tools among SDSU students, faculty, and staff. Adobe Creative Cloud is a collection of 20+ desktop and mobile apps and services for photography, design, video, web, user experience, and more. Through the use of the Creative Cloud, A3 endeavors to develop a technical and pedagogical plan to teach creative digital communication and literacy skills to help our students gain an edge in the highly competitive modern workplace. 

As an Adobe Creative Campus, SDSU is part of a select group of colleges and universities that are driving the future of digital literacy within the global higher education community. In addition to making industry-leading Adobe Creative Cloud tools and services available to our students, SDSU collaborates with other Adobe Creative Campuses to share ideas and innovations that expand digital literacy and help ensure student success.

Goals / Deliverables

  • Increase campus-wide adoption of the Adobe Creative Cloud.
  • Develop a promotional plan to promote Adobe Creative Cloud mobile apps to student population.
  • Develop a promotional plan to raise awareness of digital literacy and creative software tools within the global higher education community through Adobe Creative Cloud.
  • Review current support models for students, faculty, and staff. Focus efforts on supporting an Adobe Creative Cloud module. Establish a “creative content peer” group to review training module curriculum, and to help with providing examples of course activities that leverage different Adobe products.
  • Train the SDSU community on how to use four basic/foundational Adobe Creative Cloud applications (Portfolio, Spark, InDesign, and Audition).
  • Establish plans and processes for integrating Adobe Creative Cloud into course assignments. Create pedagogical templates for use and/or customization by the global higher education community.
  • Develop a communication plan that will disseminate information about the Adobe AzTech Alliance and Adobe training module to the SDSU community.

Goals / Deliverables Achieved

  • Inaugurated an Adobe Faculty Fellow and Student Ambassador within the Adobe AzTech Alliance.
  • Launched the SDSU Adobe Creative Campus webpage.
  • Introduced Adobe Creative Cloud tools to faculty, staff, and students via trainings and workshops.


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  • Summer 2020 – Recruit Adobe Faculty Fellow; Adobe Creative Campus Training
  • Fall 2020 – Adobe Faculty Fellow create Adobe module for Adobe products Portfolio, Spark, InDesign, and Audition; Recruit advisory faculty panel to review module.
  • Spring 2021 – Adobe module launch; Advisory faculty panel reviews module. Develop promotional plan to raise awareness of the Adobe Creative Cloud.
  • Summer 2021 – Launch and executive Adobe Creative Cloud campaign for faculty, staff, and students. 
  • Fall 2021 – Ongoing Creative Cloud programming that increases usage in the classroom, workplace, and within student organizations.


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