Deploy the online catalog (Acalog) and curriculum (Curriculog) management systems


In accordance with the University Senate-Approved Action Item of April 2019, in Spring 2021 SDSU launched a cloud-based solution designed to facilitate curriculum management and provide a fully-online catalog. Our previous (three separate print/PDF files) version of our undergraduate, graduate, and SDSU Imperial Valley publications will be integrated into a single online catalog through Acalog, a dynamic, and user-friendly catalog management software. In addition, Curriculog, a curriculum workflow and approval-tracking platform, replaced our existing system, CurricUNET, and will be used for all course and program proposals and their review at program, college, and university levels.

Goals / Deliverables

(In Progress) Produce remaining course/program modification and new program proposal forms

Review and evaluate curricular and catalog production processes

Increase transparency in curriculum development across the institution

Produce a cloud-based and mobile-friendly (responsive) online catalog solution in service to students, prospective students, advisers, faculty and staff

Establish streamlined workflows and proposal prompts for Curriculog in order to streamline the process and expedite approval time


Please take a look at our RACI matrix charts for the online catalog (Acalog) and Curriculog



  • Build AY 19/20 Online Catalog: Aug 2019 to Apr 2020
  • Build AY 20/21 Online Catalog: Jul 2020 to Oct 2020
  • Launch Online Catalog for Campus Review and Feedback: Nov 2020
  • Complete Mobile Responsiveness Work: Dec 2020 to Feb 2021
  • Build AY 21/22 Online Catalog: Nov 2020 to Apr 2021
  • Launch AY 21/22 Online Catalog: May 2021
  • Acalog Complete: May 2021


  • Build Curriculog: Apr 2020 to Jul 2020
  • Revise Curriculog Prompts and Ongoing Testing: Aug 2020 to Jun 2021
  • Develop Curriculog End-User Training in Canvas: Jan 2021 to March 2021
  • Curriculog Goes Live (New Course Forms Only): Apr 2021
  • Facilitate Faculty and Support Staff Training: Apr 2021 to Nov 2021
  • Launch Remaining Curriculog Forms(New Program and Program/Course Modifications): Jul 2021 to Aug 2021
  • Begin Department and Registrar Training: Jun 2021 - Nov 2021
  • Begin College and University Level/Committee Training: Aug 2021 - Nov 2021
  • Curriculog Complete: Dec 2021



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