IT Security - EndPoint Security - May 2020 Update

In May 202, the following activities were completed.

  1. We concluded a successful 90 day 200+ device pilot of ManageEngine Patch Manager Plus and started deploying the Patch Manager Plus agent on 6/1/2020 to all MEM and Jamf managed Windows 10 and macOS devices. It will take several days for the agent to roll out to all managed devices. We also began uninstalling the Comodo patch client from devices and expect it to be removed from all devices by the end of June. We also completed our license purchase for ManageEngine Patch Manager Plus.
  2. We completed a 90 day pilot of PatchMyPC and completed the license purchase. PatchMyPC is now configured to automate the installation, assignment, and updating of dozens of common applications in our Microsoft Endpoint Manager instance. These managed apps can be assigned to Autopilot devices as ‘required’ apps for automated installation during deployment. They can also be assigned to the Company Portal, where end-users can install them on demand. 
  3. We deployed the Microsoft ‘Company Portal’ app to MEM managed Windows 10 devices on 5/18/2020. The Company Portal can be found in the Windows 10 start menu. Zoom is the first app that’s been made available in the Company Portal. More apps will be made available via the portal as they’re approved.
  4. We have been working with Aztec Shops and the Microsoft Store to establish automated registration of Surface devices in Windows Autopilot for new purchases. We established automated Autopilot enrollment of Dell devices via the SDSU Dell Premier Portal in March, and it is working well. Processes are in place for Apple Automated Device Enrollment for MacOS devices purchased from Aztec Shops.