IT Governance Council Charge

The goal of the Information Technology Governance Council Council Steering Committee (ITGCSC) is to initially have a tactical focus, and address key technology issues that currently present significant risk and gaps at SDSU. As progress is made in these areas, the ITGCSC will evolve to provide overarching governance for the strategic direction of information technology (IT) for SDSU and ensure alignment of IT services and operations with the university’s overall strategic mission, vision, goals, and needs of the SDSU community. 

During the initial period, the steering committee specifically will:

  • Oversee and direct the activities of SDSU IT Governance Council working groups and provide guidance as required.
  • Facilitate communication and change management for the successful implementation of the working group recommendations.
  • Facilitate coordination and feedback with the SDSU divisions to guide the alignment of IT resources with university IT priorities.
  • Review, interpret and develop action plans, if needed, to address changes in laws, regulations or policies as they relate to IT.
  • Promote compliance with laws, regulations and policies, and assume oversight of university assets, data, and stability of IT operations.
  • Review and provide guidance on requests for IT project specific funds. Prioritize and coordinate requests for the President’s Budget and Advisory Committee (PBAC).

The committee will deliberate and make recommendations on the alignment of IT strategies with university priorities, risk management, value delivery, performance measures and resource management. The recommendations will be sent for further discussions and approval by the Vice-Presidents and the President’s Chief of Staff.

The committee charge does not include oversight of SDSU IT and departmental IT operating budgets, IT hiring and appointments, and departmental IT priority setting, providing they do not conflict with university IT priorities or initiatives.

SDSU IT Governance Council Guiding Principles

The SDSU IT Governance Council provides a mechanism for technology strategies to be identified, proposed, reviewed, endorsed, implemented, communicated and supported in order to further the mission of the university. The SDSU IT Governance Council embraces the principles of shared governance and leads with professionalism, respect, integrity, diversity, and excellence.