Intro to eduroam

eduroam is SDSU's secured and encrypted solution for all faculty, staff, and students.

General eduroam Setup Instructions:

  1. Select the “eduroam” network in the WiFi settings of your device.
  2. If asked, choose the following settings:
    • WPA2-Enterprise
    • PEAP / MSCHAPv2
  3. Enter your SDSUid in the format (this is not your RedID):
  4. Choose the “Connect” option. You should now be connected securely to eduroam.

Password Expiration

Your SDSUid password will expire 12 months after creation or when it is changed. Resetting your password via the SDSUid portal will cause your eduroam authentication to fail as eduroam relies on your username and password combination for each wireless authentication.

It is best to proactively reset all of your wireless credentials after you reset your SDSUid. On most devices, you will be prompted to do this immediately after the password reset.

Platform Setup Guides