Intro to eduroam

Previously, SDSU's only wireless network, SDSU Wireless, was unencrypted and not secure. eduroam is SDSU's secured and encrypted wireless network. This additional layer of security protects the user with an encrypted session, and makes eduroam our recommended WiFi network at SDSU. San Diego State University is a member of a “federated” WiFi network called eduroam. The eduroam members agree to name their secure WiFi network “eduroam” and configure their networks in a similar manner. The benefit of this agreement is that SDSU students, faculty, and staff can securely connect to a large number of other university networks just like they would on SDSU’s campus without any additional login or configuration. Conversely, members of other universities that participate in eduroam (including many in the California State University system) can use the SDSU eduroam WiFi network without any additional configuration work.

Whereas the SDSU_Wireless network uses your RedID as the username, eduroam uses your SDSUid to establish an encrypted connection to your device. The eduroam provides a safe, secure and encrypted network.

General eduroam Setup Instructions

The general process for eduroam setup is as follows:

  1. Select the “eduroam” network in the WiFi
  2. settings of your device.
  3. If asked, choose the following settings:
  4. Enter your SDSUid in the format:
    Username: [email protected]
    Password: your-sdsuid-password
  5. Choose the “Connect” option. You should now be connected securely to eduroam.

Password Expiration

Resetting your password via the SDSUid portal will cause your eduroam authentication to fail as eduroam relies on your username and password combination for each wireless authentication.

It is best to proactively reset all of your wireless credentials after you reset your SDSUid. On most devices, you will be prompted to do this immediately after the password reset.

Platform Setup Guides

Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad, etc.)
Chrome OS
macOS (formerly OS X)
Windows 7 - Automatic Setup via Aruba Onboard
Windows 7 - Manual Setup
Windows 10

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