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Adobe Acrobat Sign (f.k.a. Adobe Sign) is a web-based electronic signature and content management system. The major features include document signing, tracking, and filing.  Adobe Acrobat Sign will automate and streamline the document signing process for contracts and internal forms for all SDSU faculty and staff. What has traditionally taken days and sometimes weeks has now been reduced to minutes. 

An Adobe Acrobat Sign account is only required if you are responsible for sending and gathering signatures. An account is not necessary if you only sign forms or documents.

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Training: Adobe Acrobat Sign - General training Webinar with Adobe Success Representative.

  • Audience: New Adobe Acrobat Sign users & Adobe Signs users who have taken this webinar in the past and want to ask questions directly to Adobe.
  • Description: SDSU Adobe Acrobat Sign training led by an Adobe Acrobat Sign representative. This training will cover a basic general overview of Adobe Acrobat Sign and features such as the new sending experience and workflows.

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You can request support by submitting a ServiceNow ticket. You may also visit Adobe Acrobat Sign Support for more complex questions.