SDSUid is an identifier to securely access many campus IT services and can eventually become the identifier to access all IT services, workstations/devices, and labs at SDSU (e.g. [email protected]). Password management is self-service and recoverable through a variety of options, all selected and managed by you.

Note: If you are a student and an employee, you will be provided with a student role SDSUid and an employee role SDSUid. Applicants are not provided with an SDSU email until they become an enrolled student.

Use your SDSUid to access SDSU Gmail the campus standard for communication and collaboration.  Learn more about Google Workspace.

Note: In accordance with the SDSU policy, passed by the University Senate, all official communications from the university shall be sent to student's official SDSU email addresses (e.g. [email protected]). Students are responsible for checking their official university email addresses to stay current with SDSU communications. Learn more about the Student Official Email Address Use Policy in the University Senate's Policy File here.

If you would like to change your SDSUid password or manage your Microsoft online service settings, after signing in, click the gear icon in the Microsoft 365 Portal, or use the link below to take you directly to the change password screen. 

Change SDSUid Password

Important: To change your SDSUid password recovery options (security questions, phone number, email address, etc): go to SDSUid user profile management..

Activate Your SDSUid

Automated Onboarding Process:

SDSUid is created automatically. Faculty/Staff/Student Employee affiliations are created through the on-boarding process that starts with HR. Students and admitted applicants are provided an SDSUid when they are admitted to SDSU. Once our records indicate a student is no longer enrolled, the SDSUid and all associated data will be deleted. Once keyed in by HR or entered into the enrollment system, the account information is synchronized to SDSUid. An email from [email protected] will be sent to your personal email address (e.g. [email protected]) ​with a temporary activation code and instructions.

If you have not activated your SDSUid, instructions can be found at:
SDSUid Activation

Need help with SDSUid? /
Assistance is also available at 619-594-7343 during normal University working hours!