About SDSUid

For many years, most wired networks on campus managed connected devices and the identity of those using devices with a technology called Active Directory. Recently, most campus organizations have decided to collaborate to create one, campus-wide Active Directory. Now, all campus on-premise computers and applications can be authenticated against one central directory. This reduces the workload on IT staff and simplifies the user experience by using just one username and password. This identifier (e.g. [email protected]) in the campus-wide Active Directory is called SDSUid and will provide self-service credential management via the Office 365 portal.

SDSU and most of Higher Education are adopting “cloud” vendor hosted applications. Our campus implementation of SDSUid introduces a portal which extends Active Directory to be able to authenticate to approximately 4,000 software/hardware vendors. Since the portal uses widely adopted open standards for authentication, it is possible to integrate all campus applications to use SDSUid as the credential for access.

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